1st Grade

Spiritual/Bible: Students are introduced to the study of God’s creation, Joseph, Abraham, and Jesus.

Reading/Phonics: Reading – students will study the ABeka reading program and participate in daily reading groups. Phonics – students will learn over 100 special sounds, compound words, root words, prefixes, suffixes, syllables, rhyming words, and opposites. Spelling – students will study 15 new words each week.

Writing: Students will be introduced to the writing process, with a concentration in organizing their thoughts and ideas.

Math: Students will be taught how to tell time, addition and subtraction facts from 1-13, counting coins in combinations, counting by 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, 5’s, 10’s and 25’s, measuring with inches and centimeters, learning equivalencies such as 1 year is 365 days or 16 ounces are in a pound, word problems, and odds and evens.

History/Social Studies: Students will learn about our country and are introduced to other countries as well.

Science: Students are taught about manners, hygiene and safety. They will study the five senses and will discover animals, insects, plants, seasons, myself and toys/forces.

Physical Education: Students learn games that teach body and spacial awareness, chasing, fleeing, dodging, catching, throwing, dribbling and shooting, following instructions and basic locomotive skills. Students begin the Presidential Physical Fitness Test.

Computer: First grade continue reviewing and expanding on the same goals as kindergarten with the added focus of typing stories in Microsoft Word.

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