3rd Grade

Spiritual/Bible:  Students will study the Life of Christ, Esther, Daniel and David.

Reading:  Students will develop fluency and expression while reading textbook stories and children’s classics.  Students will also be introduced to vocabulary words.

Writing/Language:  Students will learn proper capital letter and punctuation usage, grammar, parts of speech and creative writing.

Math:  Students will know addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts and be able to use them in longer problems.  Students will also learn algebraic equations, adding and subtracting fractions, converting and solving measurement equations, 4-step story problems, averaging numbers, counting money, and correct usage of the decimal point.

History/Social Studies:  Students will study people in U.S. History and Geography and will learn map skills and identification of the 7 continents and many of our 50 states.

Science:  Students will study our bodies including the skeletal, nervous system and sense organs.  They will also study plants, animals (classifications), environments, and weather.

Computer: Third grade continues reviewing and expanding on the same goals as kindergarten with the added focus of using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, and Microsoft Power Point. One quarter will be focused completely on creating a Power Point Presentation and every student in the class will present their Power Point Presentation to the class.

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