4th Grade

Spiritual/Bible:  Students study the Old and New Testament concepts that teach that God is all-powerful, all-knowing and always present.  Character development is strongly valued.  The weekly memory verses are chosen to reinforce a character trait that applies to the life of a 4th grader.  Activities are completed to reinforce the trait and help them to find the daily life application of these scriptures.

Reading/Phonics:  Reading/literary units are interactive and use engaging activities to reinforce comprehension, vocabulary and growth.  Books are discussed as they are read and take turns reading them as a group.  A variety of books have been chosen that cover a wide array of styles of writing.  Students are also allowed to choose their own novels for silent reading time, to allow them to read about topics they are interested in.  To build interest in reading, each day there is a Teacher Read time.  We choose an interesting novel to read to the students in an animated manor, drawing them into the story. This encourages students to try more types of books on their own.

Writing:  Creative writing projects allow students to expand their writing abilities as they learn to use graphic organizers, write poetry, and create short stories, letters, and essays.  Many writing projects are thematic and reinforce other areas of the curriculum.  Our English unit also focuses on grammar skills that are foundational as they move on to the following grades.

Math:  Building on the basic foundation from previous grades, students begin a more in-depth study on fractions and long division.  Math is taught step by step, on the overhead projector to ensure that students are confident building upon new concepts.

History/Social Studies:  History is interactive and requires a new level of critical thinking.  Students are guided through the year from immigration, inventions, to the Industrial Revolution.  We focus on reading, highlighting and reviewing for tests as a team to help them condense the information they are learning into basic study skills.  There will also be a unit of study on California History with a project of a California Landmark due at the end of the unit.  There will be an overnight field trip to a Gold Rush Camp in Coloma, CA.

Science:  Students will learn to use critical thinking to study plants, insects, sea mammals and much more.  Students will start to learn the scientific process this year and experience hands on labs in groups.  We focus on reading, highlighting and reviewing for tests as a team to help them condense the information they are learning into basic study skills.

Computer: Fourth grade continues reviewing and expanding on the same goals as kindergarten with the added focus of using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, and Microsoft Power Point. One quarter will be focused completely on creating a Power Point Presentation and every student in the class will present their Power Point Presentation to the class.

Field Trips: One of the field trips 4th grade takes is to Rock-N-Water for Gold Rush Camp. To see more details please click on this link https://www.rocknwater.com/

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