5th Grade

Spiritual/Bible:  Students will learn about authority to leaders (God, parents, others), God and Grace. They also will be going through the book Possessing the Land – A survey of the Old Testament is the basis of this study. Beginning in Genesis, students will gain a much clearer perspective of how the stories of the Old Testament fit together into one pattern.

Reading/Phonics:  Students will learn critical thinking skills, story dynamics (plot and conflict resolution), and vocabulary development.

Writing:  Writing skills will be reinforced, development of writing skills in persuasive writing, personal narrative, compare-contrast essay, business letter writing, constructing poems and research report.

Math:  Students study introduction to geometry, equations, decimals, measurement and fractions.

History/Social Studies:  Students study an overview of U.S. History and some World History, U.S. Geography and basic world geography, economy and cultures.

Science:  Students will learn science process skills such as, hypothesizing, predicting, measuring, experimenting, observing, etc.  Units of study include:  minerals and rocks, weather, energy and heat, ecosystems, sound, light, and respiratory and circulatory systems.

Computer: Fifth grade continues reviewing and expanding on the same goals as kindergarten with the added focus of using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power Point. One quarter will be focused completely on creating a Power Point Presentation and every student in the class will present their Power Point Presentation to the class. Students will learn how to do a basic spreadsheet in Excel and also how to chart their data.

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