6th Grade

Spiritual/Bible:  Using the text “Route 66: Travel Through the Bible”, students discover the core of God’s plan through Bible history and Bible reading. Through prayer and discussion, students discover God’s plan for each of us as they learn to have personal relationship with God.

Reading:  The curriculum includes an A Beka reader with short stories and chapter books such as “A Father’s Promise”. Students are tested on comprehension and writing ability.  They learn to identify and express the deeper, underlying themes in literature.

Writing:  In addition to the writing techniques taught through Grammar class, writing is incorporated throughout the middle school curriculum in all subjects.  Students also focus on writing in their Reading/Literature classes and practice technical writing while analyzing novels read throughout the quarter.

Math:  Using the McDougal Littell sixth grade math text, students focus on whole numbers, factoring, fractions, decimals, percentages, graphs, geometry, and algebra.

History/Social Studies:  Students use History of the World from A Beka Books.  We cover ancient history from Mesopotamia civilizations to those of Egypt, Israel, India, China, Greece, Rome, Mayas, Africa and early Middle Ages. The primary focus in teaching history is to encourage students to see the past as a key to the future.  Students are encouraged to explore both sides of an issue, using logic and discernment to make decisions.

Science:  Emphases for Science class include exploration and discovery of God’s creation through the application of critical thinking skills, the scientific method, and scientific inquiry, while emphasizing the need for examining the results through a Biblical worldview.  Students are exposed to physical, life space and earth sciences through instruction and experiments.

Computer: Sixth grade continues reviewing and expanding on the same goals as previous years with the added focus of using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power Point. One quarter will be focused completely on creating a Power Point Presentation and every student in the class will present their Power Point Presentation to the class. Students will learn how to do a basic spreadsheet in Excel and also how to chart their data.

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