Admission Policy

Attendance for all ages is deemed completed only when the following conditions have been completed.

  • Enrollment package is complete.
  • Current immunization record, physical examination, signed emergency card and signed eligibility food participation (where applicable) have been completed.
  • Registration fee and  two week’s tuition is paid.
  • If paying with voucher/scholarship, current voucher/scholarship along with the difference must be paid by the parent.
  • It is not the responsibility of the center to contact the Department of Childcare Scholarship on behalf of the parent. Please ensure that you verify your voucher/scholarship status yourself.

Payment Forms:  Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization for bank account/credit card authorization forms needs to be filled out. However, Direct debit and credit cards (Visa, Master, and Discover) will attract a 2.5% processing fee for all transactions.
Cash, Money order, and check will be accepted for initial fees.

Tuition: Tuition payment is due bi-weekly in advance on the Friday before the school week of childcare. Please note that a fee of $30:00 will be charged if tuition is not received by 48 hours. A direct debit form will be completed authorizing biweekly advance debits.

It is important to remember that you are paying for a space in the school and that Tuition is due whenever your child is absent for inexcusable reasons and when the school is closed. Please note that you must pay for all absences and school closings with reasons we do not have control over.

Late Pick-up Fee: Children must be picked up at 6.00pm.
A late fee of $1 per minute is charged after 6.00pm.
This fee must be paid in cash to the teacher on duty at the time you pick your child up or before the child can return to the school.

Returned Checks: A $25.00 bank fee plus a $30.00 late fee will be applied to fees paid by check and returned for any reason. A total charge is $55.00 will be debited to your account.

Attendance: Please note that your normal weekly payment is expected as stated if your child is absent. Cut off time for drop off is 9 am. Please note that disciplinary actions may be required if tardiness persists.

Termination: This contract may be terminated by either parent/guardian or Provider by giving two weeks written notice. Failure to give this mandatory Notice means you will be responsible for two week’s tuition. The provider may terminate without notice if the parent/guardian is late with payments.

Re-registration: In the event a child needs to be re-enrolled, a new non refundable registration fee will be paid by parent/guardian.

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