Family Engagement Opportunities

Families are a crucial part of our program here at Windsor Christian Academy.  Collaboration with parents and families is beneficial for the child and contributes to the overall development of the child in all learning domains.  To this end, we seek to achieve and maintain a partnership with our parents.  To this end, there are various opportunities given for families to engage in and participate in our program.  These may include:

  • Scholastic Book Fair – parents are invited to purchase books for the classroom and home
  • African American History Month Presentation – parents are invited to come to the center and observe what their child has learned during the month of February
  • Holiday Celebrations – parents are invited to participate in classroom celebrations by donating items to their child’s classroom during seasonal holidays
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences – parents are invited to come into the classroom and meet with their child’s teacher in order to discuss their child’s growth and assess any areas of improvement twice a year, in November and April
  • Field Trips – parents are invited to accompany their child on field trips throughout the year
  • Take Home Projects – parents are able to participate and interact with their child at home in the creation of thematic projects
  • Canned Food Drive – parents are invited to bring canned foods to the center for donation to charities during holiday season
  • Graduation/Moving On – parents are invited to come to the center to witness and celebrate their child’s accomplishments during the school year

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