June Newsletter

Dear Parents,

  • We seize this opportunity to wish all the Dads in the house a Happy Father’s Day!!!
  • Biweekly tuition will be processed on Friday the 7th and 21st. Monthly tuition will be on the 5th.
  • Sick Policy; Please keep your child home if they are sick or have symptoms. You will be called to pick up your child if we observe any coughing with cold, runny noses, vomiting, diarrhea, ringworms etc. Please note that the latest time children can return to school from doctors’ appointments is 11am.
  • Graduation/Moving on ceremonies will be on Friday the 7th of June at 11am in the JHB sanctuary.
    Please note that ALL children will be participating. Colors for the day will be purple, white and black, white socks and black shoes.

    Please note that the Center is open all year round and will transition to the Summer program for preschoolers (ages 2 & up) from Monday the 17th. The last day of school for preschoolers (ages 2 & up) not attending our summer program is Friday, June 14th. The last day for Kindergarten (K5) and up is Friday, June 7th. Program continues nonstop for Infants and toddlers.
  • Juneteenth; WCA will close on Tuesday the 19th
  • Summer program;

– Summer schedule, supply list and permission slip are attached and can be found on the school website; windsorchristianacademy.org

Please be reminded that our 2-year-old parents are required to attend our summer field trip on Thursdays to the Kidz Jungle World.  Your child will ride to and fro with you from 9.30am to 12noon.

-Please note that summer t-shirts are required to be worn for field trips. Previously used and new summer t-shirts can also be worn. Please check in the office if additional summer shirts are available for sale.

Children wear regular play clothes during the summer but need to be appropriately dressed for the weather. We prefer children put tennis shoes on for outside time to protect their feet. 

 – Please find waiver link to Kidz jungle world.  All adults and children must sign the waiver to be admitted into the facility. https://kidzjungleworld.aluvii.com/employee/Waiver/SignWaiver2?waiverId=1 

-Kidz Jungle world is a “no shoes, socks required play space. All adults and children need socks to be admitted, this is a health code requirement. Please note that socks will be sold to children without and debited to your account with the school.

-Sunscreen lotion needs to be applied from home and if needed to be reapplied, sunscreen permission slip should be filled out and lotion provided by parent.

-Bathing suits or little swimmers and towels need to be sent in on Fridays for onsite water play and for the Lochearn pool. Bathing suits need to be worn from home underneath clothing. Swimming caps are required for girls in the pool.

– Free summer lunch and snack will be offered to preschoolers (ages 2 and up), courtesy SFSP/MSDE starting June 17th. Menus will be shared. Please feel free to send lunch from home if your child is a picky eater.

  • Testimonial; Finally, we ask you to please visit the school’s web page; windsorchristianacademymd.org to leave a testimonial regarding your child’s positive experiences.

 Thank you all for your continued support and have a pleasant summer.

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