K-8 Admissions

Windsor Christian Academy Admissions Procedure:

1. Complete the online enrollment process. Look for the “K-8 Admissions” box on the home page.  Procedures and accompanying documents vary depending on the grade to which you are applying, but all applications include:

*online application
*parent’s agreement 
*tuition contract
*Student records release form (1st – 8th grade)
*$50 per student application fee

2. Complete the Educational Recommendation (1st – 8th grade)  form. This form must be filled out by your child’s current or prior teacher and mailed directly to Windsor Christian Academy.

3. Schedule an appointment for placement testing. All new students are required to take this test to assess class placement. For prospective kindergarten students, a screening for “Kindergarten Readiness” will be required. To arrange an appointment, please call (707) 838-3757.

4. Schedule an appointment to interview with the principal.

5. All students new to WCA will not be considered enrolled until the parents receive a formal letter of acceptance via mail. If the school is full in the student’s grade level, we will notify parents as early as possible that the student is on a waiting list.

6. Kindergarten students must have proof of all immunizations prior to the first day of school. Also, a copy of the child’s live birth certificate is required prior to school entrance.

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