Spiritual/Bible: A study of creation through the life of Joseph in the old Testament as well as the life and ministry of Jesus Christ our Savior in the New Testament. Christian character traits, such as the “fruits of the spirit” are emphasized throughout the year.

Reading/Phonics: Letters with their phonetic sounds are re-introduced. Students are then introduced to blends and one-vowel words. Reading groups are started after Thanksgiving break. All children will be reading by the end of the school year.

Writing: D’Nealian writing is taught in order to prepare the students for cursive writing, which will be introduced in the 2nd grade.

Math: Recognition and writing of the numbers 1-100. Addition, subtraction, money, clocks, and “missing numbers” will be taught.

History/Social Studies: Students are introduced to “community workers.” Students are then exposed to the United States and other countries of the world.

Science: Topics of study include the five senses, weather, seasons, God’s plan for growing food, and animals.

Physical Education: Students learn games that teach body and spacial awareness, chasing, fleeing, dodging, basic locomotive skills, and following instructions. Students are introduced to the Presidential Physical Fitness Test, catching, throwing, dribbling and shooting. Teamwork games are also introduced.  All classes are taught the importance of eating right and the effects of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco on the body.

Computer: The kindergartener’s focus is on learning how to correctly type and how to correctly place their fingers on the home row. This is done in a fun way through the program Mavis Beacon. They will learn how to type without looking at the keys. They will also learn 10-key through Mavis Beacon. Kindergarteners will learn the names of the different parts of a desktop computer and how to use a mouse correctly. Kindergarteners will also have a time of playing educational games to work on numbers, letters, drawing, and creating. They will learn how to navigate the desktop and open different programs and use online.

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