KINDERGARTEN (Children that are 5yrs)

The group consists of children that are 5yrs

As with all of our classes, the Kindergarten program is developmentally based. It promotes learning in the areas of social/emotional development, self-help skills, motor control (large and small muscles), language experiences and cognition. Socialization, manners and self-help instruction are integrated throughout the program. Fine motor activities are planned daily to promote refinement in the basic writing, coloring, and cutting skills. Language, reasoning and problem solving are challenged and enriched through units on literature, science and social studies, as well as experiments, field trips and other activities.

Whole language and phonics instructions form the core of the reading program, which is supplemented by age appropriate computer programs. Children study letter names and sounds and are encouraged to read simple words and books appropriate to their individual reading level. Mathematics is taught with a “hands on” approach through the use of manipulative equipment. The skills of counting, grouping, patterning, basic operations, measuring, comparing and contrasting, time and money, are some of the math topics studied. Handwriting is through instruction in the formation of letters, words, sentences, stories, and personal journals. Music and art are also integral to this program. The children will have many opportunities to work in small groups, individually and in large groups both inside the classrooms and the adjacent outdoor area.

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