Attendance for all ages is deemed completed only when the following conditions have been completed.

  • Enrollment package if complete.
  • Current immunization record, physical examination, signed emergency card and signed eligibility food participation (where applicable) have been completed.
  • Registration fee and  two week’s tuition is paid.
  • If paying with voucher, current voucher along with the difference must be paid by the parent.
  • It is not the responsibility of the center to contact the Department of Social Service on behalf of the parent. Please ensure that you verify your voucher’s status yourself.

Payment Forms: Direct debit and credit card (Visa, Master, and Discover) is required for tuition payment.
Cash, Money order, and check will be accepted for other fees.

Tuition: Tuition payment is due bi-weekly in advance on the Friday before the school week or childcare. Please note that a fee of $30:00 will be charged if tuition is not received by 48 hours. A direct debit form will be completed authorizing biweekly advance debits.

It is important to remember that you are paying for a space in the school and that Tuition is due whenever your child is absent for inexcusable reasons and when the school is closed. Please note that you must pay for all absences and school closings with reasons we do not have control over.

Late Pick-up Fee: Children must be picked up at 6.00pm.
A late fee of $1 per minute is charged after 6.00pm.
This fee must be paid to the teacher on duty at the time you pick your child up or before the child can return to the school.

Returned Checks: A $25.00 bank fee plus a $30.00 late fee will be applied to fees paid by check and returned for any reason. A total charge is $55.00 will be debited to your account.

Attendance: Please note that your normal weekly payment is expected as stated if your child is absent. Cut off time for drop off is 8 am. Please note that disciplinary actions may be required if tardiness persists.

Termination: This contract may be terminated by either parent/guardian or Provider by giving two weeks written notice. Failure to give this mandatory Notice means you will be responsible for two week’s tuition. The provider may terminate without notice if the parent/guardian is late with payments.

Re-registration: In the event a child needs to be re-enrolled, a new non refundable registration fee will be paid by parent/guardian.

Your child must stay home if he/she:

  1. Is developing a cold or has had a cold less than three (3) days old.
  2. Has a sore throat or an earache.
  3. Has swollen neck glands.
  4. Has a “fresh” runny nose or cough.
  5. Has a fever or has had a fever in the past 24 hours
  6. Has an unusual rash or sore.
  7. Acts sleepy or complains of a headache.
  8. Has a flushed face
  9. Appears ill to you.
  10. Has or has had vomiting or diarrhea in the past 24 hours.

The School Staff has been asked to:

  1. Take every precaution to protect your child from illness.
  2. Be alert to pick up signs of illness in your child.
  3. Contact you if your child becomes ill, shows marked changes in behavior, or has an accident while in the center.
  4. If possible, isolate your child if he/she becomes ill until you arrive to take him home.
  5. Not to give any prescribed or patent medication to your child unless a written directive comes from the physician to the center. The label on the medicine bottle or a note from the parent is not enough. (This includes aspirin and cough medicine).
  • Please keep your child at home when he/she is suspected to have a cold, cough, or any communicable disease. A child who is sent home sick, must bring a doctor’s slip for re-admission. Please do not bring your child sick to the center.  The parent of a sick child in the center will be called to pick up the child within an hour at the latest and can return after 24 hours with a doctor’s note. Please note that the latest time a child can return to school from a doctors’ appointment is 11am.

Administration of Medication: Parents must fill a medication form with a child on medication. Only prescription medication will be administered by medication certified personnel. Please ensure you give your child the first dose of the medication at home where applicable. Medication must be properly labeled with child’s name, doctor’s name, medication schedule and dosage.

Please click below to download the form

This policy is provided to all parents who enroll children in this center as well as to all staff, substitutes and volunteers who work with and are involved with Windsor Christian Academy.
Windsor Christian Academy was established for the purpose of providing high quality childcare in a safe, nurturing, educational, and family oriented environment. The principles behind our discipline policy are:

  1. Training up a child in the way he should go, because when he is old, he will not depart from it (Prov 22:6)
  2. Delicately bringing up a child and correcting in love, so that the child might succeed in reaching his/her highest potential in life.
  3. Discipline is the combined effort of the family and the center staff who must cooperate and maintain good and open communication on matters relating to the children.

Windsor Christian Academy Discipline Practices:

  • Children learn by examples. Therefore adults must serve as good role models and must model acceptable behavior by using polite language in mild voices at all times. Adults must develop positive relationships with children by expressing interest in each child and his activities.
  • Encouragement and praise is the basis of the discipline policy of the center.
  • Staff will ignore inappropriate behavior when the behavior can be tolerated.
  • When a child misbehaves, staff will talk with the child quietly to explain why the behavior was wrong. An example of appropriate behavior will be given. Limits will be consistent and firm. The rules will not change from day to day.
  • If a child continues to display the inappropriate behavior after all possible behavior management techniques have been exhausted, “Time Out” will be used. WCA believes that at times students who have behavior problems need a period of time during which they are separated by some physical space in the room. Physical separation from others may help a child gain control as well as reduce the reinforcement that is gotten from other students. It is not a time to enter into a contest of wills with the child.
  • “Time Out” will be used with children who are at least two years and older. If “time out” is not appropriate for the younger child, he will be removed from the situation.
  • During “time out”, the child will be seated in a chair apart from the group but not out of sight of the staff. The length of time that a child is required to sit in time out depends on his age – 3 years-olds, three minutes, 4 year-olds, four minutes. Staff must explain to the child why he is being required to sit in time out.
  • Staff must always make clear to a child that it is the child’s behavior that is wrong. No child will be called bad or made to feel bad about him/herself.
  • If a child persists in the inappropriate behavior, staff will confer with the Director of the center and parents(s) to discuss a plan of action.

Disciplinary Practices Not Used In This Center

  • The licensee, staff, volunteers, substitutes or any other individuals connected with this center will not subject any child to injurious treatment. Corporal punishment or physical discipline will not be used. This includes but is not limited to tapping, slapping, spanking, hitting or shaking of children.
  • A child will not be subjected to verbal abuse, such as shouting, cursing, shaming, or ridiculing. Discipline methods, which create undue discomfort, will not be used. A child will not be isolated out of sight of staff.
  • No child in this center will be forced to eat. No child will be punished for not eating. Meals or snacks will not be withheld as a punishment.
  • Vigorous outdoor play is a necessary activity to ensure the health and well being of children. Children will not be deprived of outdoor play as punishment.

Safety Information


Please note that we are a free nut zoned center and school. (This includes peanut butter sandwiches, cookies, almonds etc.). Kindly Check the ingredients on the packages.

All fruit should be cut into small pieces for safety (grapes included). Please peel fruit with hard skin and cut them up (apples, pears, peaches, etc.).


For safety reasons, no small hair clips or beads.  These fall out and end up in another child’ mouth. Beads have often strayed into nostrils, throats and ears accidentally. Your child and other children face the risk of being hurt and this also imposes a choking hazard for children. Children have ended up at the ER for this reason. Please help eliminate preventable accidents


We have observed that some children are being left in cars during drop off and pickup time.
This is an unacceptable practice that needs to stop for the safety of your child.
Please note law enforcement agencies will be contacted if this warning is not adhered to.

  • New Year’s Eve [1/2 Day]
  • New Year Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • President’s Day
  • Good Friday/ Easter Monday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Day After Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Eve [1/2 Day]
  • Christmas Day Week

School Year and Daily Schedule: Our center runs from August/September through June. Your child’s daily schedule is posted outside the door of the classroom. Please take a few minutes to review it. Summer program runs in June through August. (6 weeks of camp and 3 weeks of vacation bible school thereafter) . Please have your child in by 9am at the latest so he/she can be a part of the first class program of the day. Be sure to pick up your child promptly too, to avoid late pick up charges.

  1. Parent/Guardian must complete the Absentee Excuse Form or bring a note to indicate the reason for absence whenever a child is absent. Notes will be reviewed and filed in child’s family folder by the Director of the center.
  2. If a child is absent due to illness and is under a doctor’s care, a note stating the nature of the illness must be brought in when the child returns to school.
  3. Attendance will be monitored daily by the teacher.
    Excused Absence (illness, injury, death in family)
    Unexcused Absence – (overslept, vacation)
    Present Off-site (medical, dental, educational appointments)
  4. Teachers should be informed in advance of scheduled appointments for an absent child.
  5. The Director should be informed if a pattern of absence is identified by the teacher. If a pattern is confirmed, a phone call or parent conference will be scheduled to discuss concerns.

* Remember, good attendance and punctuality are habits that will serve our children well.

Absentee Excuse Form (In the Enrolment Package)

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