Safety Policy

WCA is a free nut zoned center and school. (This includes peanut butter sandwiches, cookies, almonds etc.). Kindly Check the ingredients on the packages. Due to allergy concerns, non-food treats are preferable

All fruit should be cut into small pieces for safety (grapes included). Please peel fruit with hard skin and cut them up (apples, pears, peaches, etc.).                                           

For safety reasons, beads should not be in your child’s hair.  These fall out and end up in another child’ mouth. Beads stray into nostrils, throats and ears accidentally. Your child and other children face the risk of being hurt and this also imposes a choking hazard for children. Children have ended up at the ER for this reason. This helps to eliminate preventable accidents.


Stud earrings only are highly recommended for girls. No dangling, drop or hoop earrings. Other forms of jewelry are not allowed.        

Children cannot be left in cars during drop off and pickup time. This is an unacceptable practice. Law enforcement agencies will be contacted if this warning is not adhered to.

 ALL cars need to park in the marked designated parking lots and observe the one-way traffic. Do not park on the curb in front of the school building regardless of weather conditions.

Everyone needs to use a key to access the building. Do not allow anyone in without a key. Extra keys can be provided for alternative family members picking up.

Evacuation: In case of the need to evacuate our site, the following procedures will be followed:

Evacuation ExitsChildren will exit classroom doors according to specified emergency exit plan posted near classroom doors
Evacuating InfantsInfants will be placed in designated emergency cribs and exit the classroom according to specified emergency exit plan classroom door
NotificationOnce all children are safely evacuated, 911 will be called
Emergency InformationIndividual classroom tablets will be taken with each child’s contact information
Evacuation SitesDesignated classrooms and/or site location
Transportation to Evacuation SiteChildren will walk/ride to designated site with exception of infants who will be pushed in designated cribs if necessary

Shelter in Place/Lockdown: In case of the need to stay put, the following procedures will be followed:

·         Location (Safe Area): Children will be taken to the interior bathroom of each respective classroom.  Alternatively, children will be placed against the wall so as to not be seen by possible intruders.  Children and staff who are outside of the school building should stop, drop, and remain still and wait for relocation site to be determined by the administration.

·         Classroom teachers will:

  • Quickly glance outside the room to direct any students or staff members in the hall into your room immediately.
  •   Cover windows and doors when possible.
  • Turn off lights and appropriate equipment.
  •   Keep students quiet.

·         Emergency Supplies:

  • Classroom tablets will be brought to the respective shelter in place/lockdown location.
  •  Emergency kits with food (including formula), toys, and water will be brought to the location.
  •  First aid kit will be brought to the location.
  • Cell phone will be brought to the location.

Children and staff will remain in the safe area until directed by administrator or law enforcement officers to move or evacuate.  An administrator will signal all staff when the shelter in place/lockdown has been lifted.

Recovery (Return to Normal Operations): Once the immediate threat has been resolved and/or evacuation has been made, the following procedures will be followed:

·         Parents/guardians will be notified by administrator.

·         Parents/guardians will be given information on evacuation site if applicable by administrator.

·         Children will be released to parents/guardians.

·         The administrator will assess the impact of the disaster/threat and determine if the program can remain open in its same location, identify the need for an alternate location, or identify the need for a temporary/partial closure of the program.

·         The administrator will notify vendors, utilities, and local resources for assistance to repair, re-establish, and return to normal operations.

Illness/Injury: In case a child becomes ill or injured in the classroom, the following procedures will be followed:

·         Classroom teachers will:

  • Assess the severity of the illness/injury
  • Use all efforts to keep the child calm
  • Perform the necessary and appropriate steps/actions to control and stabilize the illness/injury
  • Once stabilized, complete the appropriate form documenting the illness/injury
  • Share the form with the parent(s) of the child and get signature on the form
  • Place form in the appropriate place/location for filing

If efforts to control and stabilize the illness/injury are unsuccessful, the following procedures will be followed:

·         Classroom teachers will:

  • Keep the child stable and immobile as much as possible
  •  Keep other children away in a location outside of the classroom if possible
  • Call 911 and/or other emergency personnel if necessary
  • Notify parent(s) of the child and the administrator(s)
  • Remain with the child until emergency personnel arrives

Loss of Power: In the event there is a loss of power, the following procedures should be followed:

·         Classroom teachers will:

  • Remain with the children in the classroom unless otherwise directed
  •  Keep the children calm and quiet
  • Notify the administrator(s)
  • Await instructions/directions from administrator(s)

·         Administrator(s) will:

  •   Assess the center environment for possible causes
  • Notify Baltimore Gas and Electric Company and/or other emergency personnel
  • Perform the steps/actions as directed/instructed by emergency personnel

Kidnapping/Lost Child: In the event that a child is kidnapped or lost, then the following procedures will be followed:

·         Classroom teachers will:

  • Keep calm and maintain supervision of the other children
  • Perform a search of the surrounding area
  • Notify others/appropriate personnel in close proximity to assist in the search – provide description and photo of child if needed
  • Notify the administrator(s)

Write detailed report of the specifics surrounding the incident if required and instructed to do so

·         Administrator(s) will:

  • Notify the police and/or other emergency personnel
  • Notify the parent(s) of the child
  • Assist police and/or other emergency personnel as needed and/or directed

Active Shooter: In the event of an active shooter in the building, the following procedures will be followed:

·         Classroom teachers will:

  • Remain calm
  • Keep the children calm and quiet
  • Turn off lights, televisions, computers, etc. that may cause noise and bring attention to the classroom
  • Close all doors
  • Lead the children to evacuate the building through classroom emergency exit doors when safe to do so bringing along classroom tablet
  • If a safe evacuation is not possible, then the following procedures will be followed:
    – Barricade classroom doors with available large furniture and equipment
    – Cover windows if possible
    – Lead the children to available hiding places in the classroom away from the sight of the shooter (bathrooms, closets, etc.) and close and barricade doors
    – Await further instructions

·         Administrator(s) will:

  • Notify center staff using appropriate signal
  • Notify emergency personnel using any/all available communication methods so as to not alert the shooter
  • Follow steps as outlined for classroom teachers to ensure personal safety
  • Follow specified instructions as given by emergency personnel
  • Notify parents using available communication methods

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