Summer Program Information

Children ages two and up enjoy choosing from a variety of planned activities each day. Experienced teachers supervise activities outdoors on our large playground and indoor areas. Children will enjoy water play, art activities, building sand castles, and exploring some of nature’s wonders as well as picnics outdoors. Indoor activities are in a safe, supportive atmosphere that encourages learning.

Children will use computers, do arts and crafts, and enjoy puppet shows and other special entertainment. While the children are together, they will enjoy many opportunities to develop social skills such as cooperation, sharing, and being both a leader and a follower. They will enjoy getting to know one another in the age-appropriate environment provided. The staff have been selected because of their competence, experience and caring qualities.


Please see the program schedule.

Program Fees:

Enquiries to be directed to the Director. Please note that fees are subject to changes.

Admission to Summer Program:

Applications open from February for interested families. These applicants will have priority until the end of March. All other applications may be emailed or hand delivered at any time. They will be processed from April 1st in the order, in which they were received in the office. All children must provide the appropriate medical and immunization forms, and a completed emergency release form must be on file in the office before the child enters the program.

The Board of Directors of Windsor Christian Academy reserves the right to cancel any class due to insufficient enrollment. If this becomes necessary, parents will be notified prior to the beginning of the class.


Student transportation is available through the school/church vans. Parent initiated car pools or a local transportation service will be required if needed. For further information concerning transportation, please contact the Director on 410-496-8270.


Parents have an option of providing meals and snacks or have the center provide lunch and an afternoon snack to children at a cost. Please contact the office for more information at 410-496-8270.

Thank you and have a pleasant summer.

Thank you and God bless.

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