All policies and practices are in place and meet compliance. WCA has on file documentation confirming that the legal standards are being met and followed.



For safety reasons, beads should not be in your child’s hair.  These fall out and end up in another child’ mouth. Beads have often strayed into nostrils, throats and ears accidentally. Your child and other children face the risk of being hurt and this also imposes a choking hazard for children. Children have ended up at the ER for this reason. Please help eliminate preventable accidents



Please note that we are a free nut zoned center and school. (This includes peanut butter sandwiches, cookies, almonds etc.). Kindly Check the ingredients on the packages.

All fruit should be cut into small pieces for safety (grapes included). Please peel fruit with hard skin and cut them up (apples, pears, peaches, etc.).


Upon enrollment, each parent is given a key in order to drop off and pick up students in a secure fashion. Everyone needs to use a key to access the building. Individuals visiting the school must be buzzed in and are required to stop in the office to show proper identification before moving about the school building.

Please do not allow anyone in without a key. Extra keys can be provided for alternative family members picking up.


Please keep your child home if they are sick or have symptoms. You will be called to pick up your child if we observe any coughing with cold, runny noses, vomiting, diarrhea, ringworms etc. Your child will need to return back to school with a doctor’s note. Please note that the latest time children can return to school from doctors’ appointments is 11am.


No child should be left in cars during drop off and pickup time. This is an unacceptable practice. Law enforcement agencies will be contacted if this warning is not adhered to.

​ALL cars need to park in the marked designated parking lots and observe the one-way traffic. Please do not park on the curb in front of the school building at any time, especially during inclement weather or even if a driver is in the car.


Employees are made aware of the condition of each van and its proper use. Seatbelts are provided for the safety of the children when being transported in the van. The vans are being used to transport children to and from field trips. The scheduled maintenance and insurance records are on file and available to be viewed. Each van is up to date in frequent inspections.

The recreation areas are child friendly and securely gated. Recent updates have been made to the facilities. All written policies and procedures are in place to ensure a safe and careful environment for the children.


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