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Welcome to Windsor Christian Academy

Windsor Christian Academy (WCA) is a Christian school in Maryland with a strong commitment to educating children in a Christ-centered environment. We are dedicated to touching and enhancing the spiritual lives of our students and do not discriminate on the basis of nationality, color, race, or origin.

We understand that the decisions you make impact your children in lasting and far-reaching ways. Windsor Christian Academy provides students with a quality learning atmosphere free of destructive distractions that can pull them away from the right path. We will partner with you to bring out their God-given skills, interests, and talents and challenge them to reach their full potential.

Using the A Beka Book, a curriculum developed by professionals and inspired by biblical principles, we will care for your student(s) from the moment they walk in. Windsor Christian Academy strives to provide a focused and tailored approach for each individual. Teachers make sure thinking skills are thoroughly developed and that students can apply what they have learned to everyday situations.

Our mission is to give students the tools they need to be caring, honest Christians who follow the Word of the Lord. We are firmly founded in the belief that a good school should have an academically rewarding and nurturing structure. We are licensed by the Child Care Administration and Maryland State Department of Education.

Daily lesson plans present a worldview that is distinctly Christian. Students can make life-long friends and learn about how to make our planet a better place to live. Our teachers are passionate about what they do and are highly motivated to bring out the hidden gifts and dreams of every child. Staff members and faculty share a unified love of Jesus Christ and want students to have their own personal relationships with our Lord and Savior.

At Windsor Christian Academy, we acknowledge that existence as we know it is a result of our Creator. Because of our commitment to teaching our children about Christianity, we are a praying school. We present the Lord and His teachings in a way that is easy for students to understand.

What Makes Windsor Christian Academy A Suitable Academic Choice?

  • Proven teaching methods that introduce your student(s) to community building and the Christian way
  • Dedicated teachers who focus on bringing out the best in every child
  • Clean, safe environment that does not encourage undesirable activities
  • Education centered on His Word and glory

We welcome parent participation and want to partner with you to make Windsor Christian Academy the best it can be. WCA parents have many opportunities to lend a hand and play a role in how their children develop and grow. We hope to build trust, strengthen families and create a place where our students can learn to become courageous and kind members of society.

Together, with God, we can instill a vision of excellence and paint a beautiful landscape of possibilities. Do not wait to make a difference with your children. Contact us to learn more about what we offer today.


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