Special Needs

Windsor Christian Academy (WCA) believes that all children are created by God with a divine purpose for their lives. To this end, Windsor Christian Academy welcomes all children and is committed to providing developmentally appropriate learning experiences for every child. WCA supports the education and learning of all children and referrals to other educational agencies while resources may not be available in-house to meet every challenge.

Children are initially assessed by classroom teachers upon entrance into their classroom. Developmental delays are noted, if any, and communicated to the parents. WCA works in partnership with families and other professionals to provide support and make sure that the needs of each and every child is met. Children who develop individualized education plans (IEP) have the possibility, with the initiation and permission of the parents, to attend WCA while also attending neighboring schools to help foster their continued learning and address any developmental delays. WCA helps to monitor transportation for these children in such cases. Children of all abilities are accepted into WCA and are offered equal opportunity to reach their full potential.

Windsor Christian Academy receives children with special health care needs. Children with special health care needs are afforded and provided the same opportunity as the other children at WCA. Adaptations and modifications will be made to accommodate the needs of all such children just as any accommodations made for other children. Any adaptations and modifications will be considered and reviewed in conjunction with families and other health professionals as deemed appropriate.

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