The group consists of Children between the 2yrs- 4yrs

This class provides the opportunity for older two and younger three-year-old children to attend class and be nurtured by loving and caring personnel. The atmosphere provides a secure learning environment for each child. The goals of this program are: to promote independence and self-esteem; develop social skills; ignite a love for learning; enrich language and pre-math skills; and enhance fine and gross motor skills.

All activities are tailored to the development level of the two and three year olds. Learning is designed to be fun and is presented to the children through games and activities that appeal to the various physical senses. It is through these senses that children will discover the wonders of the world around them. The class begins with a free play period, during which time children are encouraged to participate in an art project and a cognitive learning project with the teacher or teaching assistant. Learning activities requiring various levels of skill are set about the classroom. The cognitive activity presented by the teacher is designed so that each child accomplishes a task at the development level appropriate for him/her. After free play, the children regroup in a circle, where a story, game, or movement routine is presented to reinforce the topic of the day. The children briefly rest, eat a nutritious snack, join together for another circle, and then play outside until dismissal time.

Three and four-year olds.

This class provides children with many opportunities to begin to experience and explore a life of their own at school. The schedule promotes continuity both in program routine and social interaction. The classroom environment facilitates socialization and strong feelings of “belonging” to a group outside of family. It helps the child learn to play, share, take turns and negotiate relationships within the same small group of peers over time. Both independent and cooperative activities are fostered within this structure setting.

Transitional Kindergarten

This class is for older four-year olds who will be attending kindergarten the following year. It offers a special opportunity for the child to have additional time before entering kindergarten. This program is well suited to allow children time in activities which facilitate development of social skills, large and small motor skills, language, vocabulary and math skills. This gift of time, with the attendant increase in skills and understanding, promotes ease and confidence as the child enters kindergarten.

The afternoon starts with a circle. The topic of the first circle will outline the learning centers of the day. Circle activities may include a story, discussion, hands-on project, or movement activity that are relevant to the topic under examination. At the conclusion of the circle, colored necklaces that match the different learning centers (math, language arts, science/social science, art, dramatic play, blocks and gross motor skills) are assigned to the children as they go to enjoy the various activities in each area. The class will spend part of each day in the open classroom centers working individually or in small groups. They will also spend time as an independent class with learning centers and learning activities that facilitate letter recognition, phonics and learning to read. In addition, math skills promote thorough developmentally appropriate “hands on “ activities. Language and problem solving skills are part of the integrated curriculum, which includes music/movement and art. The children also participate in field trips and special activities, which reinforce their learning. The children are able to enjoy part of each day outside on the playground. Classroom computers use age-appropriate software to reinforce other hands-on learning activities.

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